Abraham was satisfied after scoring two goals, giving Roma 3 points.

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Tammy Abraham is pleased with Roma’s two goals in their recent win over Lazio. There is a chance Roma will move up to fifth in the table.

Facing Lazio is a very important battle for Roma. Their rivals being a team in the city and using the same home stadium. The degree of boiling increases even more. Now the two teams are fighting for tickets. The European Cup next season. The team that can win has a very high chance of going to the European Cup next season. But it looks like Roma will be the dominant side in a different matter and close the UFABET game at 45. The first minute as well

With AS Roma had a quick goal from Tammy Abraham in the first minute before Tammy Abraham added another goal. In the 40th minute it was Lorenzo Pellegrini. Who shot to close the box for Roma to beat Lazio without difficulty, and now Roma is up to sixth in the table, which Tammy Abraham is satisfied that allows Roma to keep Victory came in the latest match by Tammy Abraham said.

“This last win means a lot to us and everyone who supports Roma and over the past few weeks I’ve heard about this match because Lazio are our rivals. I scored two goals and helping Roma win the game was great.”