Manchester United have placed Richarlison as their main target for next season.

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Manchester United have made Everton’s Brazilian forward Richarlison a prime target for next season to strengthen his attacking strength after separating several strikers.

Since joining Everton, Richarlison seems to have performed very well. It has been able to step up to be a key player for Everton successfully. Causing news of Richarlison’s transfer. Starting to come out continuously. It is Manchester United have always. In the forward position until Manchester United will draw Cristiano Ronaldo. Join the team, but Manchester United’s offensive game is still a problem.

In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo has entered the end of his career as a footballer. Making Manchester United urgently need a new striker to join the UFABET team. Ronaldo has also linked with a split from Manchester United. Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial likely to split from Manchester United. At the end of the 2021/22 season has left Manchester United looking for a new striker to join the team.

And Manchester United immediately hailed Richarlison as their main target. Everton’s performance in the 2021/22 season has not been satisfactory. Adding to the news that Richarlison’s transfer has started. The possibility immediately appeared. But it looks like Erling Haaland will move to Manchester City. They have more chance of success.

Manchester United are said to be assessing Richarlison’s situation at Everton as the club’s potential relegation could see him opt for a move away from Goodison Park this summer.