Manchester United  ready to invest in Aroujo

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Manchester United are ready to pay huge sums for Barcelona’s Uruguayan defender Ronald Arajo at the end of the 2021/22 season, although Barcelona are reluctant to sell Ronan. Old Aroujo leaves the team.

Although Ronald Araujo is the main character of Barcelona. ​It is true with a great performance on the field. But news of the transfer of the team continues to come out. It is Manchester United who want. Got Ronald Arajo to join the team to strengthen in the defensive game. Although there are many defenders to choose from. Of course, Barcelona do not want to let Ronald Arajo leave the UFABET team until the moment. This will have only one year left on the contract. Barcelona are ready to offer a new contract to Ronald Araujo immediately.

But Ronald Arajo has not yet responded to the new contract offered by Barcelona, ​​making the transfer news of Ronald Arajo seem possible immediately and besides Manche. Manchester United are also interested in Ronald Arajo. But now Manchester United are ready to offer £34 million for Barcelona to consider for Ronald. Old Aroujo joined the team at the end of the season and is ready to make huge wages.

Now there is only a response from Ronald Arajo whether he wants to stay at Barcelona or not, which Barcelona are looking for a replacement for Ronald Arajo. Kick decided to part ways with Barcelona, ​​with Andreas Christensen considered one of the players that Barcelona want to join the team to strengthen the defensive game. Tsar Azpilicueta That is the main goal of Barcelona as well.