Moyes unhappy with Antonio’s performance

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West Ham United manager David Moyes has been unhappy with Mikhail Antonio’s inconsistent form and his latest game against Tottenham has been. Almost no participation.

Although Mikhail Antonio has been given the opportunity to start regularly for West Ham United. In some games he has performed brilliantly. It has consistently scored goals in others. Antonio was also not involved in the team’s attacking game. Especially the West Ham United game against the big teams. Having only been involved in the last game against. Tottenham Hotspur like Mikhail Antonio. Will disappear completely from the UFABET game. Because he almost does not participate in West Ham United’s offensive game

In addition, West Ham United faced defeat as well. Reducing the chances of West Ham United’s chances of grabbing a ticket to the European Cup next season immediately. David Moyes dissatisfied with Mi’s form. Moyes said. Michail Antonio is not at the level. We want Michail Antonio to Continue to maintain good playing standards.

If you look at Tottenham’s attacking game. You can immediately see that they are at a very high level and their performance on the field is excellent, wrong with Mikhail Antonio who can call their form. His good can come back and I don’t know where his confidence has gone, which I am sure that if our attacking game is more dangerous, it will probably cause problems for Tottenham Hotspur.”