Rumor has it that Barça have come up with the idea of ​​sending De Jong to Barca in exchange for Bernardo.

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Barcelona are reportedly planning to send Frenkie de Jong to Manchester City and bring in Bernardo Silva on a swap basis. After the team does not have enough money to submit a purchase at a price of 60 million pounds

The Daily Mirror reports that Barcelona, ​​the Spanish La Liga champions, plan to send Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong in exchange for Manchester City ‘s Bernardo Silva after the young trainer Xavi Hernandez. Very fond of the Portuguese star. But the ทางเข้า ufabet team still has financial problems. therefore had to send a player who was a target of Manchester United, City  ‘s city rivals, to switch instead

Rumor has it that Barça have come up with the idea of ​​sending De Jong to Barca in exchange for Bernardo.

The 28-year-old offensive line created great results, leading the Blue Sailboat to win a great triple championship. It has become a main target for many clubs, including Catalan teams, Paris Saint-Germain and Pro League club Al-Hilal. Saudi Arabia Plus it was reported that. The team in the oil millionaire league Willing to pay 60 million pounds, or about 2,697 million baht. According to the player’s agency.

However, it seems that Bernardo is more interested in moving to the Nou Camp. But because they do not have enough budget. Causing this deal to not happen but the latest. The good country media indicates that the Spanish La Liga team is willing to offer de Jong. To be exchanged and believes that Pep Guardiola. The trainer in the Etihad Stadium, should accept as well. Because it was also interested

If such a deal actually happened It would be very disappointing for United because they were chasing. Dutch star Since the middle of last year and this time it is still on the same goal. Because he is a player that Erik ten Hag sees that he can come to elevate the team. Only the players do not want to move out of the team. Despite reports last summer that The agency has already agreed to release it.

For Barcelona, ​​just got Ilkay Gundogan to join the army without a fee. After not renewing the contract with City , although Pep Guardiola, the big boss want to remain a legend of the team The contract is signed until 2025 with the option to extend it for an additional year. And has a release clause of up to 400 million euros, or about 15,385 million baht, while the Foi Thong star player still has two years of contracts with the Premier League champions left in a row.